2018 Women Texas Film Festival Teaser


2018 Festival Winners

2018 WTxFF Best Feature

Rich Kids

Director: Laura Somers

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A group of troubled teens from a low-income community break into “Los Ricos”, the local mansion with a border fence, and spend the day pretending to be rich in order to forget their difficult lives.

2018 WTxFF Leader Award for Best Director

Mixed Signals

Director: Tracie Laymon


A man and a woman misunderstand each other.

2018 WTxFF Storyteller Award for Best Writing

Bad Things

Director: Mira Lippold-Johnson


When her older sister gets unjustly suspended from school, 8-year-old Sue Ellen starts to doubt that brains and hard work are enough to keep her out of trouble. Bad teachers, prejudices, a bully: There are impediments to success. So Sue Ellen takes a drastic step to take control.

2018 WTxFF Radical Award for Most Visionary


Director: Natalie Dickinson and Arianne Martin
Writer: Natalie Dickinson


A woman white-knuckling her eating disorder recovery starts to unravel as her life becomes increasingly chaotic.